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Survey reveals rising wa farm confidence among millennials

Survey reveals rising wa farm confidence among millennials

The findings echo many other research that show millennials’ outlook for the future remains optimistic, perhaps because they feel they can make mon말레이시아 카지노ey at home. However, the 황금 의 제국 카지노survey revealed that there is still concern about farm prices and other agricultural costs. Overall, just 28 percent of respondents believed they would be better off going to an area that was less farm-dependent and 36 percent predicted they would end up spending more money 강원랜드카지노farming.

In response to farmers’ concerns, nearly half (47 percent) of millennials said they want to see the government help farmers financially, but just 20 percent were hopeful government regulations would do the job for farmers.

The survey of 2,000 Americans was conducted between February and March. For more information on the survey results, click here.

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